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Recognising the increasing importance of the Chinese influence in the South African economy, Thomson Wilks has established a China Law Department to service the commercial, litigation and other needs of Chinese companies and Chinese individuals conducting business in South Africa. China is presently the world’s largest foreign investor and is now South Africa’s most significant trading partner. Significant Chinese investment has occurred in the mining, motor-manufacturing and banking sectors. Trade is set to increase substantially between China and South Africa after South Africa’s admission as a member of the BRICS organisation. With its sophisticated financial services sector, well developed infrastructure and its proximity to the rest of Africa, South Africa has positioned itself as the gateway to investment.

Thomson Wilks Inc. is a full service law firm and is able to provide a full range of legal services through its offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and through its network North of South Africa in regard to investments in Africa. The firm is also able to assist its Chinese clients in conducting due diligence investigations on companies which they may wish to acquire or in which they may wish to invest and to provide advice thereon. Our attorneys are conversant in Chinese and Mandarin.

随着中国对南非经济的影响力和重要性持续增加,汤姆森维尔克斯律师事务所成立了中国部门, 为在南非开展业务的中国公司和个人提供商业、诉讼及其他诉求的法律服务。中国是目前全球最大的外国投资方,也是南非最重要的贸易伙伴。南非的矿业、汽车制造、银行等领域均已出现来自中国的重大投资。南非成为金砖成员国之后,中南之间的贸易长足增长。南非的金融服务业发达,基础设施完备,与非洲其他国家毗邻,正成为外商投资的门户