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Adam Mitchell

Divorce & Family Law

If you’re planning to get married, we can provide advice on the type of an ante-nuptual agreement that best meets your circumstances. We will also help you with comprehensive estate planning to meet the needs of your family.

In the event of a divorce Thomson Wilks has experts in the field able to assist with:

  • Divorce negotiations, litigation and family mediation.
  • The amicable resolution of high conflict family disputes.
  • Custody and access disputes, maintenance, family violence interdicts.
  • Adoptions, rights of parties relating to children born out wedlock.
  • Children's court proceedings including child abduction cases both nationally and internationally.

Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell is a renowned divorce and family law attorney focusing on the financial aspects of larger divorce matters including challenges on trust assets in relation to property disputes. Adam has a wealth of experience in divorce litigation and there is very little he has not seen. He is well respected in his field.

The Family Law Department headed by Adam Mitchell, is amongst the most dynamic and respected in South Africa, pioneering in its work to find ways to assist families in difficulty, help individuals in relationship crises and, in particular, support the interests of children.

We seek to resolve issues by discussion and negotiation where possible, often working with other specialists in the process. However, not all disputes are capable of amicable resolution; and where litigation proves necessary to resolve a problem, we have the expertise and experience to solidly represent our client.

As well as dealing with every aspect of the separation of married couples, civil partners and cohabitees, and the resolution of all disputes involving children, we offer niche expertise in areas including surrogacy, child relocation and international child abduction.

Adam has extended his Divorce department to include Durban to make himself accessible to his clients in both Johannesburg and Durban. Adam has appeared in television programmes, including “Carte Blanche” and “Rights and Recourse”.