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This offer is not just about working alongside recognised leaders, it’s about ensuring every consultant lives and works in the way they want to – enabling them to be the best they can be for their clients while also getting their own work/life balance exactly right.

To make this work for our freelance lawyers, we provide:

·  state-of-the art case management and accounts systems

·  keep 75% of the fees you bill

·  guidance and advice, a team of colleagues to call on for extra capacity or for brainstorming and strategizing on challenging matters

·  team of support and administrative staff, including messengers, Candidate Attorneys, and secretaries

·  A grade office with hot desking and boardroom facilities across the major city centres

Thomson Wilks Attorneys was at the forefront of the dispersed operating model, in having launched same over a decade ago. This meant that we were perfectly placed to deal with the COVID 19 lockdown in South Africa and as such have continued without interruption, to deliver world class services to our clients.

Remote working provides competitive advantage through reducing overheads, accessing talent that office-only approaches can't reach, increasing agility and providing a humane way to deliver services '24/7'. It diminishes reliance on offices and commutes, lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions. It democratises access to quality work and energizes rural, remote and suburban regions. It provides individuals with greater control over their day, supporting communities and family life as well as increasing personal wellbeing.      

Moving over to being a remote consultant attorney is beneficial in so many ways, however, will not suite everyone. The ideal candidate is:

·  A rain maker and deal broker

·  An independent driven personality

·  Someone with connections to prime and even more ideally has existing clients

·  Wants to set their own hours and cut their overheads

Contact us for more information on how to join the firm of the future:

Mrs Keri Soldo 011 784 8984    |    keri@thomsonwilks.co.za    | www.thomsonwilks.co.za

Facebook: Thomson Wilks Incorporated Attorneys

LinkedIn: Thomson Wilks Incorporated Attorneys Head Office

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Thomson Wilks is a full-service law firm with offices in each of the major commercial centres. We may have an international footprint, but our hearts remain firmly planted in South Africa.


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