Thomson Wilks Incorporated to donate 5% of its revenue to the Solidarity Fund


Thomson Wilks is a full-service law firm with offices in each of the major commercial centres. We may have an international footprint, but our hearts remain firmly planted in South Africa and we cannot in good conscience stand by while many within our country suffer from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

South Africans are facing a catastrophic threat impacting our health, welfare and future. Thomson Wilks has committed to donating 5% of its revenue to the Solidarity Fund, to support humanitarian efforts during this difficult time. The aim is to ensure that the most vulnerable in our communities are assisted with COVID-19 prevention, detection, care and support in a bid to mitigate the effect on our nation as a whole.

Well before the advent of COVID-19 Thomson Wilks had already initiated a dispersed office model where most of its attorneys work remotely. As a result, we have been able to deliver an effective service to our clients before, and during, the lockdown period.

Given the relatively fortunate position we find ourselves in, with the ability to continue to deliver services to our clients through these trying times, we are compelled to assist those less fortunate. The entire firm’s staff and management have agreed, and fully support the company decision, to support the Solidarity Fund.

We recognise that this contribution is still far from what is required to enable the Solidarity Fund to meet the demands of so many who are in desperate need. Thomson Wilks therefore challenges every other law firm, big and small, to contribute a percentage of their revenue to the Solidarity Fund for the next two months.

Our donation to the Solidarity Fund is really a donation not just from Thomson Wilks and its staff, but from its clients who have provided unwavering support to our firm throughout this challenging period.

The Solidarity Fund was created on 23 March 2020 to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in South Africa. It is a platform for the general public, civil society and the public and private sector to contribute to the consolidated effort to fund the following initiatives:

  1. Prevent the spread of the infection by supporting campaigns and communication measures to flatten the curve.
  2. Detect and understand the magnitude of the disease through the supply of testing kits and research.
  1. Care for those in hospital or medical care by ensuring a supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  2. Support those whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic through the support of feeding, shelter, medical, and small business recovery programmes across the country.


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